Access Google Mail through IMAP

October 28, 2007


Google enabled IMAP access for GMail this past week, and is still in the process of rolling out the service to all the users. One of my older GMail accounts got the IMAP feature enabled on Saturday, and I took it for a spin over the weekend.

I have been using POP to download email from all my accounts to the Mail application. I have set my POP account to delete the mail in the server as soon as it was downloaded, so that I don’t have to manually clean up my mail box once in a while. This, however, poses a problem if I want to use any client other than my Mail application, because my mail would have been already downloaded.

With IMAP, my account remains in sync with my Mail application, and changes I make in a web-client for instance, is sent right away to my Mail application. Pretty Sweet.

The only issue so far is that SPAM also get downloaded. This in itself might actually be a good thing, because sometimes I miss some email that gets to SPAM.


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