Ron Paul for President

October 23, 2007


I have finally made up my mind, thanks to Jim. Yay!

I have always thought myself to be a democrat, going strictly by my ideology. After all, I am from the largest democracy in the world. And Dr. Ron Paul, even though he is contesting from the Republican party, is as liberal as it gets.

Who is Ron Paul? Well, if you didn’t know that, you ought to pay a little bit more attention to Politics. If you are stateside, that is. But Ron is gaining momentum in other countries too, so there really is no excuse. Ron Paul is more of a libertarian candidate, contesting as a Republican. His campaign has gathered a lot of steam of late, mainly because of his grassroots-level supporters. He is referred to as Dr. No, because he vehemently opposes any bill that does not abide by the constitution. (And oh, he is also a former physician, which explains the Dr. part).

Why Ron Paul? Mainly, because of his stance on the war. But even more, because of his non-interventionist ideology. United States has no business meddling with Iraq or Somalia or wherever the US military is currently spread. I also like his ideas on Income Tax and The Fed, but I must say that I do believe that his views are a little extreme here.

How Ron Paul? That question exists because I’m not a US citizen yet, and so can’t vote on this presidential election. However, I will have my voting rights for the next election, and hopefully, an opportunity to vote for Dr. Paul. But more than voting, I believe I can make a difference by campaigning for him. And making contributions for his campaign. If I can make at least 5 persons aware of Dr. Ron Paul, I would consider my deed done.

Now, go on. Catch up on his stance on other issues.


One Response to “Ron Paul for President”

  1. gramling Says:

    I like Ron paul, but outside of his view on the war he is not “liberal.” He supports the constitution and limited government. I don’t think dismissing the Federal Reserve and the income tax is extreme at all. its a fraud! Go Ron!

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