Shadow Company

October 15, 2007



Shadow Company is an amazing and powerful documentary by Nick Bicanic and Jason Bourque about the “private military companies” – or “mercenaries” depending on your idealogical beliefs. But whatever your idealogy is, you will come out of this documentary much better educated about the issues surrounding such ‘private guns for hire’. The documentary takes an even-handed approach and explores a lot of issues – the historical background of mercenaries, their sudden growth, their hardships, the ethical dilemma and the need for more thought on how this industry should be handled further on.


The presentation is very stlyistic and captivating – with all the video game clips, comic book style reenactments, inter-weaving of war and news footage, pop-up explanations for military terms. It will definitely keep you hooked to the end.

Before I started watching the movie, I had already come to the conclusion that these companies cannot be obliterated in one fell sweep. This documentary only bolstered my opinion, in that our government and politicians need to take a hard look at all the relevant issues and create some balanced and pragmatic regulations to guide this industry. Although there would be no place for such companies in an ideal world, we no longer live – perhaps, never have lived – in such a world. Huffington Post has a nice article from the director of this movie about what the congress ought to be doing now on the issue of PMC’s.

One quote that stands out is from an author that is interviewed – Robert Young Pelton.

“George Bush has created the ultimate entrepreneurial wild west scenario in Iraq. If you have a gun and you are in Iraq, there is plenty of job to do.”


3 Responses to “Shadow Company”

  1. Rob Says:

    I have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while though I imagine the content is just gonna make me angry.

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  3. Jai Says:

    Hi Rob.
    Yeah, the movie might make you angry. But it also has some staunch realities facing such PMC’s. It’s a great documentary.

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