October 11, 2007


I have tried out various mechanisms to maintain a digital copy of my book collection. After trying out several desktop software, none of them seemed to have that right set of features. Delicious Library was close, but I thought it was too much money for a library software.

Recently, I stumbled across an online place to store and manage your book collection – aNobii. I thought it was a strange name, only to learn later that this was the biological name for the book worm (Anobium Punctatum). Here is a pretty good review of aNobii. The feature list not only includes the typical – maintain a list of books, ratings, comments, groups etc, but also some neat features like the ability to swap books with other members and import a list of books from another website or even Excel.

The user interface is way too cool, albeit a little slow. The feature that I like the most is the ability to select a geographic area (based on your location from your profile), which changes the whole content of the website – the people that have joined recently, books that were added etc. I only wish these guys added support for the Tamil language.

Here is my aNobii profile. It doesn’t have all the books I’ve finished, and I think it never will. But I feel it is a good start.

If you are interested in other places where you can maintain your library, try Google Library or LibraryThing.


2 Responses to “aNobii”

  1. escafeld Says:

    I was wondering how the developers of the site came up with the namee aNobii, well now I know, thanks for that. 🙂

    I’ve been using aNobii some time & think it’s great, love the layout though I was searching the site for one of those dinky 80×15 buttons & couldn’t find one so decided to make my own. So if any aNobii user would like to let the world know of their love for the site then please feel free to use on the buttons. You can find them here ..

  2. aNobii Says:

    […] Jai Did an interesting post today on jaikaruppuswamy.wordpress.comRead this excerpt: […]

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