NY Times Presidential Debate – Transcript Analyzer

September 28, 2007

Transcript Analyzer

Yesterday, I happened to see the debate of the Democratic presidential candidates, and was amazed at the presentation mechanism of this debate. The above page has a video of the entire debate, and the first thing you notice whenever you start watching an online video is…, yes, the total length. And I was promptly disappointed, because the debate was over 100 minutes long. Now, I don’t have that kind of a time, even for a presidential debate.

And then, I looked at the other parts of the screen and was thrilled. The second column is the actual transcript for the video. And a third column lists the major points or agenda in the debate. So I can very quickly scan the transcript of the current topic and skip sections I am not interested in. Or, I can jump an entire topic and go to the next topic. I thought, “Wow! This is great! What a nice way to watch video! Just like my DVR, perhaps even better because I can scan at the items coming next in the video!”

But wait, the amazement didn’t stop there. They also have something called a transcript analyzer, for people with even little time. This list presents you with the number of words spoken by each debator, and also marks each passage when you scroll over each candidate. You can also enter a few words – like Syria, for instance – and find matches for your text inside each candidates transcript.

Now, that’s a killer app, right there.


2 Responses to “NY Times Presidential Debate – Transcript Analyzer”

  1. Vjay Says:

    amazing power of adobe flex.

    of course, the creativity of the designer is a big thing too.

    but nytimes is one site that leverages flex to the fullest.

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