Apple storage technology at University of Cincinnati’s UCFileSpace

September 27, 2007

Apple (AAPL) had a hot news item yesterday about University of Cincinnati, from where I discovered UCFileSpace. UCFileSpace is an online file storage system for the students and faculty at University of Cincinnati. It is built completely on Apple technology, and uses Xserve servers and Xsan. Xsan can provide storage of upto 2PB (2 petabytes).

During my days at UC, the Iomega Zip Drive (with its 100MB capacity) was the de facto standard for data storage. Then, the 100MB space looked like humongous space, and I think I might have had two of those zip drives during my entire life at UC. And to compare, UCFileSpace comes with a default capacity of 1GB per user.

UCFileSpace also serves as the storage for user websites (available as But the neat thing is, it also comes with shell access.


3 Responses to “Apple storage technology at University of Cincinnati’s UCFileSpace”

  1. Vjay Says:

    cool deal.

    too bad we cannot use it. i remember uc took away our email addresses and web space abt a month after we graduated.

    there are universities that let you at least keep your email addresses forever.

  2. I’m sorry you can not use it. but btw your blog comes up in the top results for google on ucfilespace. Also sad that the article does not say much about the website that was made in rails, though i’m partial since i worked on that as a co-op.

  3. Jai Says:

    Yeah, I wish they let us allows the home pages and the email address. However, I am not sure if feasible it is to allow permanent access to every student whose life crosses UC at some point in their lives.
    I did read about the Ruby on Rails part. However, without any access, this article was not really meant as a review. It was more of a ‘hey! that’s neat’ kind of an article.

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