Quicksilver in real life

September 24, 2007

Of all the apps I use in my laptop, one that I can absolutely not live without (love those double negatives) is Quicksilver. I simply cannot use my laptop without this tool running. Anyways, I found this great footage about Quicksilver in real life. You need to have experienced some Quicksilver magic to fully appreciate this video.

Quicksilver in Real Life from Matt McInerney on Vimeo.


2 Responses to “Quicksilver in real life”

  1. chaepod Says:

    quicksilver… BEST APP EVER!!

    i use it a million times a day. 😛

    if you’re a mac user and u don’t have quicksilver, get it right now!!

  2. aquabot Says:

    Thanks for that …I have a question..See when Quicksilver is running, what font is used to display the application name in the menu bar? Every other app I’ve seen uses some default sans-serif font, but Quicksilver uses a small caps type font that is really snazzy. I’d love to install it in my font book but can’t find it anywhere.

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