Smart Bookmarks – Firefox Add-on

September 21, 2007


Firefox is my preferred browser for all the operating systems that I work with. One of the key differentiators for Firefox is its plugin mechanism, and I have found that only a few plugins can be classified in the can’t-live-without category. Firebug, Adblock Plus and All-in-one-gestures are a few among these.

Recently, I stumbled upon another neat add-on — Smart Bookmarks. I like things to be kept organized (at least in my computer), and so my bookmark tree is rather deep. And it used to be a pain to navigate to these bookmarks. (Of course, with Quicksilver I didn’t really have to, but it was nevertheless a pain in my office machine). Smart Bookmarks took all that pain away, in one single sweep.

This add-on really is an enhancement over the existing Bookmark Bar. Tt is not really possible to add more than a handful of bookmarks to the current Bookmark Bar, due to space constraints. The Smart Bookmarks bar, simply hides the Bookmark title, leaving you with just the website icon. And once you have a few nice bookmakrs, the browser gains a certain individuality that’s quite impressive to look at. Above is how it looks on my laptop. Sweet.


4 Responses to “Smart Bookmarks – Firefox Add-on”

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