The Saxon Stories – Bernard Cornwell

September 17, 2007

I’ve always been a sucker to medieval war stories with battles on the sea, having been enthralled by the historic Tamil novels of Sandilyan. When I accidentally discovered ‘The Saxon Stories‘ by the popular English historic author Bernard Cornwell, I was hooked. So far, the author has released three books in the seven or eight book series.

The Last Kingdom The Pale Horseman The Lords of the North


The stories are set in the 9th century England (which coincides with the early Viking Age) with the The Viking Challenge and the Rise of Wessex as the backdrop. The anglo-saxons are lead by Alfred the Great, and the danes are mostly lead by small and big lords, some of whom are entirely fictional. The story is essentially a first person narrative, told by the Uhtred Ragnarson who is actually an ancestor of the author himself. It is apparent that a lot of research has gone into the books, as the lifestyle and customs of this period are vividly described. Even more thrilling is the description of the battles involving hand-to-hand combat with crude weapons.


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